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Welcome to Lorum’s Forum – an open stage that providbob.lorum5es potential employers with valuable information about Bob Lorum in your quest to find the ideal candidate for executive-level leadership career opportunities.

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My Executive Brand Summary

I build potent brands, marketing strategies, teams and companies that produce quantifiable results by building genuine connections with people at all levels to inspire them to achieve things they thought they never could.  A bold, confident statement supported by 20+ years’ executive leadership experience helping companies and clients grow markets, revenue and profits.

Blessed with powerful mix of visionary, strategic, leadership, creative, sales and communications acumen, consistently exceed ROI goals by aligning staff career aspirations, infusing digital marketing and branding savvy with traditional wisdom and orchestrating fluid team collaboration. Pioneer, expand, restructure and revive organizations with limited time, people and budgets. Influential leader that creates immediate impact, produces quantifiable results and fuels profits.

I Make Things Happen

In short, I make things happen by blending leadership, communication and inspiration to generate immediate impact and results for companies and clients in a personable, genuine and charismatic style that works.

I’m intrigued to explore career opportunities with you further.  The claims above are substantiated by 20+ years’ experience, skills and quantifiable results paraphrased within the “Resume” section of this site. My transferable skills and experience are supported by a set of unique and powerful “Brand Attributes” that define who I am and how I think.  And, more importantly, to see what my superiors, peers and subordinates say about me, please visit the “Endorsements” section or my “LinkedIn” profile.

Feel free to contact me at 951.378.1991 or to say hello, discuss opportunities, request additional information or perhaps meet in person to take our communication to the next level.

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