What Inspires You?

Ah, one of my favorite interview questions of all time as it typically conjures a variation between the best and worst responses a given candidate could possibly muster.    As you sift through my site searching for rational, serious and quantifiable skills and experience, this short section opens the door to the emotional side of Bob Lorum.  The one that applies a personality to the numbers, a style to the mundane and a certain charisma that brings it all together.

What do I Aspire to be When I Grow Up?

Someone who inspires people to achieve things they thought they never could. 

It’s as simple as that.  Call it whatever you want—a leader, manager, teacher, mentor or coach.  It’s all the same.  And, it all comes down to generating results.

  • I want to listen to peoples’ needs, align them with corporate goals and challenge them to step outside their comfort zone
  • I want to help people build their confidence, skills and abilities to achieve whatever they want in whatever role they play
  • I want to provide them with direction, help them when they make mistakes and watch them grow to be better people, employees and coworkers than they thought they could ever be

In short, I aspire to be “that guy” that a few people will always remember as one who made a positive difference in their professional careers.  The one they talk about when they have a beer with their friends, family or coworkers.   The one they can take a few lessons from in life and share them in their own special way when the time is right.

I remember a few people that helped change my career, life or outlook on things in their own special ways.  I’ll bet you can remember a few as well.

What Kind of Career am I Looking For?

An executive leadership position in marketing, branding, product management or client services or where I can align people’s individual career aspirations with corporate initiatives to create immediate impact and generate optimal results through exemplary leadership, pristine communication and genuine inspiration.

And, of course one that embraces a unique sense of style to make it all happen.

Thanks for listening.