The Power of Peers

Derived from my LinkedIn profile, I’ve provided some comments from some of the superiors, subordinates, peers, partners and clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years.

Their few words are worth a thousand of mine.

“Bob is asset to any company that wants an executive to quickly learn what’s required and pull a team together to make good things happen. He’s resilient and excellent at driving collaboration across business units in a multi-company organization.” August 31, 2010

Brian Carroll, CEO, InTouch part of MECLABS Sciences Group (MarketingExperiments, MarketingSherpa & InTouch)
worked with Bob at MarketingSherpa (MECLABS)


“Bob is quite simply one of the most talented marketing and branding executives I have ever worked with. Quite honestly, Bob is more than solely a marketing leader for our company. Complementing his engaging creative, writing and design skills, Bob is blessed with a potent mix of visionary, technical, analytical and business savvy that adds fuel to his marketing fire. Bob’s creativity and passion are infectious which makes him a pleasure to work with. His writing skills are savant-level as you can see from the content on our new iCONECT website and his communication skills are impressive. I always look forward to hearing Bob’s messaging plans. In short, Bob just gets it. It’s fun working with him as we learn something new from each other every day.”

Iram Arras | Legal Review Software  Vice President, Product Strategy – iCONECT Development, LLC [Electronic Discovery | Legal Review Software | eDiscovery]


“I have very much enjoyed my association with Bob Lorum both personally and professionally. Bob left MarketingExperiments shortly after my arrival to take on the job of President of MarketingSherpa. He worked closely with me to develop a forward-looking strategy and to facilitate the handoff. Building on the foundation of the wonderful services team he led, we were able to continue to provide the quality and performance that MarketingExperiments is known for. He worked night and day for two years to bring structure and camaraderie to a hectic environment at Sherpa. He did a great job of rallying shell-shocked troops. He restructured/downsized Sherpa to maintain profitability during a difficult time in the broad economy – and a particularly tough time in the marketing/publishing world. I would say Bob’s best asset is his ability to communicate effectively – while charming the socks off of his audience, large or small.” July 29, 2010

Greg Burningham, MBA, President/Chief Revenue Officer/General Manager, MarketingExperiments LLC
worked with Bob at MarketingSherpa (MECLABS)


“I partnered with Bob and MarketingSherpa to lead 10 full-day email workshops around the US and Canada in 2010. Bob not only understands business, he understands people.

He’s a straight-shooter and strives to create win-win situations with business partners. Bob is quick to offer constructive feedback, both good and bad. He’s appreciate of the work that’s been done while always striving to make it better — for customers, employees and business partners.

He has a good business vision and doesn’t hesitate to dive in and make it happen. He’s involved at a high level but follows through with the details. He’s strategic but also creative, understands the finances but knows that people are the life blood of any organization.

I enjoyed working with Bob and not only do I highly recommend him, I would jump at the opportunity to work with him again.” July 1, 2010

Jeanne Jennings, Email Marketing Strategy Consultant, Author and Speaker, JeanneJennings.com, Inc.


“Bob is a rare, one of a kind individual in today’s corporate community . He a man of integrity, is trustworthy, keeps his commitments, and always delivers more than he promises. I watched him build a start up into a well oiled machine. I saw him take over the reins of a failing enterprise and bring the employees together, united and ready to tackle tough challenges and walk away winners. I never had to worry his ability to grasp the width and depth of a project and make it happen. Rarely will you ever see someone with a better work ethic. The quality of his efforts are unsurpassed when I compare them to others in the business community. He brings much more to a company than an employee and leader – he brings a persona which encourages team involvement in every stage of success. He is a man of character and character in business is more than significant – it’s extraordinary!”  June 30, 2010

Charles Coker, PhD, SPHR, Director of Human Capital, MECLABS Group (MarketingExperiments, MarketingSherpa & InTouch) worked directly with Bob at MarketingSherpa (MECLABS)


“For the past almost 2 years, I have had the pleasure and honor of working for and alongside Bob Lorum. Bob had the arduous task of dismantling a company that had been unnecessarily overstaffed, while continuing to grow product output and motivate remaining staff. Not only did Bob succeed in all he was tasked but he did so while gaining the respect of his internal staff, vendors and partners.

During Bob’s tenure, I had the privilege of working directly with him on many revenue generating projects. Bob always had a positive attitude, would listen to his staff, work with staff to accomplish the goals and foster a team attitude every step of the way. A master of communication, Bob has a way of making sure all team members are on the same page, working harmoniously and achieving positive outcomes.

He is loyal, hard working and a great leader. I would be honored to work for and with Bob again and would recommend him to any organization.”  June 30, 2010

Aimee Croke, Events Director, MarketingSherpa reported to Bob at MarketingSherpa (MECLABS)


“I had the pleasure of working with Bob during a transitional period for the company. He was charged with coming in, analyzing the business realities and making tough changes. He did that quickly and efficiently. Most remarkably, he was able to restructure the company while simultaneously invigorating the team that remained. Bob is a thoughtful manager who earns the trust of his reports.

Among other skills, he’s able to engage with complex business problems and create detailed plans to solve them, even when resources are scarce. Bob has an unfailingly good attitude, cannot be discouraged and deals with adversity through actions that are guided by an excellent sense of what’s realistic. His loyalty and dedication to a company and its goals are unparalleled.”  June 29, 2010

Stefan Tornquist, Research Director, MarketingSherpa reported to Bob at MarketingSherpa


“When I joined MarketingSherpa, it was a company in distress. After being asked to perform a series of wholesale layoffs, Bob brought me in as the first new hire for a transitioning company. Many leaders would have lacked the motivation to start anew while maintaining morale and positive income growth. Bob Lorum did just that, leading his drastically-reduced staff to increased productivity and profitability, despite the severe reduction in manpower. In short, Bob is just what our company needed to get back on track and succeed once more.

Bob went far beyond the call of duty while here, never failing to get his hands dirty, never ignoring his team’s opinions and never forgetting the power of firm but positive encouragement. His suggestions were always insightful and realistic to implement, and always kept the company’s goals at the forefront. Likewise, Bob expressed tremendous enthusiasm for our company, our brand and our people, which motivated us to do the work of many, never leaving any doubt that we could achieve our goals.

Under Bob’s leadership, we met and exceeded those goals many times over. I wholeheartedly recommend Bob Lorum to any company seeking a creative, positive, incredibly strong leader. He will be an asset to whichever employer is fortunate enough to add him to its team.”  June 29, 2010

Brad Bortone, Editorial Production Manager, MarketingSherpa reported to Bob at MarketingSherpa


“At both MarketingExperiments and our sister company, MarketingSherpa, Bob has distinguished himself as an extremely effective leader. In the midst of the most challenging business environment of my lifetime, Bob has routinely delivered greater revenue while commanding fewer resources. He has the strategic vision necessary to grow a business unit or an entire organization. The people working for Bob enjoy his leadership – not because he is easy on them (he is not) but because he shows genuine respect for all members of the team and he listens carefully to input that comes from below, beside, or above him in the organization.

On one hand, Bob can be a strong analytical thinker, codifying and defining processes that no one else dared examine. On the other hand, he applies great when solving problems. Bob is one of the most effective executives with whom I have ever worked.” May 12, 2010

Adam Davis, Director of Technology, MECLABS worked directly with Bob at MarketingSherpa


“Bob will always stand out as one of the rarest of individuals with whom I have worked. I observed his growth from Business Unit Manager to President of Marketing Sherpa and I could not have been more pleased as there was no one more deserving of this promotion than Bob. He is one of the most committed individuals I know and will work 24/7 to see a result through. He will role up his sleeves and work among his staff to produce an extrodinary result and pull off a project when people might doubt the probability of success. He appreciates and encourages his staff which creates loyalty among those with whom he works. In addition, Bob’s approachability and openess to feedback is geniune. It is one of the qualities that allows him to succeed where others might fail. He is a true example of and effective leader.” August 17, 2010

Linda Campbell, Director of Organizational Development, MECLABS LLC, Marketing Experiments, Marketing Sherpa and InTouch worked indirectly for Bob at MarketingExperiments (MECLABS)


“Bob was a superstar at MarketingExperiments, single handedly taking over our services department, making our work product more efficient and effective, and turning our people into a real team. Bob has never seen a business or operational problem he could not “untangle”, and if you give him the resources he can craft and implement a plan to right any company. What impressed me most about working with Bob was his example. He worked harder, he worked smarter, and he cared more about his people than anyone I’ve worked with since.” June 30, 2010

Jimmy Ellis, Director of Optimization, Marketing Experiments worked directly with Bob at MarketingExperiments (MECLABS)


“I had the pleasure of working with Bob while he was at Marketing Experiments. I was consistently impressed with Bob’s ability to analyze, plan, problem solve and maintain a very relational balance with everyone that he came in contact with.

He demonstrated a high degree of expertise with those he managed and motivated others to clear and immediate action. He was always sensitive to his teams needs while at the same time making sure he focused on the company’s bottom line . I certainly would recommend him to anyone looking for a true asset.

To His Success,

Chris Patterson

July 15, 2010

Chris Patterson, CEO, Interchanges.com worked directly with Bob at MarketingExperiments (MECLABS)


“I had the pleasure to work with Bob while he managed our research team at MarketingExperiments. Bob was a great leader that not only focused on his team, but was closely involved with each research project. Bob’s strategic direction helped take the company to a new level and despite the rapid growth he still maintained close contact on all day to day operations.” May 16, 2010

Gina Townsend, Senior Manager, Research and Strategy, MarketingExperiments reported to Bob at MarketingExperiments


“I will personally recommend Bob to anybody looking to strengthen company visibility to completely rebranding their organization. I worked with Bob during a time when my company was looking to rebrand and from beginning to end Bob worked with unending energy and focus. Bob is one of the best communicators I have ever worked with and brings a level of commitment like no other.”

October 7, 2010

Robert Polus, Owner, Xact Data Discovery managed Bob at Xact Data Discovery


“I worked with Bob Lorum at Xact Data Discovery. As VP of Marketing and everything else we didn’t know how to talk about, Bob really rose to the task of unifying our message. Our corporate identity was a slippery thing but Bob grasped it and painted a picture of it that everyone in the company smiled about and recognized. Bob’s ability to collect, process and communicate ideas was at the forefront of his skill set.

As a member of the executive team, Bob’s contributions to the company overall as a senior leader were invaluable. An occasionally objective observer, not being involved in the day to day delivery of services, Bob was able to lend a great deal of clarity to subjects the executive team was wrestling with.

Through his efforts in Marketing, he knew our products, our processes and our identity and was able to become our “Conscience” to some degree. “Is this in keeping with who we are and what we want to be?” would be a measure Bob held us to at all times. Bob didn’t just handle his marketing duties, he assumed the full mantle of executive responsibility.

If I knew how Bob did what he does, I could better articulate how well he did it. As it is, I can only account for results. Almost four years later, the messages Bob developed, the identity that he “identified and delivered” is still standing. XDD clients know that company still as exactly what Bob painted it to be. No adjustments have been made, no names changed, no modifications necessary. That is an accomplishment in a world as insanely competitive as Digital Forensics.

On a more personal note, Bob became someone that everybody trusted. Many came to him for counsel, many counted him as a friend, myself included. I hesitate even to write this recommendation for fear that it may lead to an opportunity that will preclude me from stealing him away for my own next big thing.

I would not only work with Bob again, I would trust him with my company. he is a leader, a mentor, an outstanding overall skill set and a fine human being.” September 16, 2010

Lorne Curl, Vice President Electronic Discovery, Xact Data Discovery worked directly with Bob at Xact Data Discovery


“We hired Bob to rebrand our company from a duplicating company to a technology service provider and he provided the leadership, professionalism, and enthusiasm to get the job done.

I found Bob to be an expert at strategic thinking, business planning/modeling, brand strategy, leadership, creative thinking and communications. I still look to Bob for advice with branding and other marketing issues and am proud to call him a colleague and friend.” May 13, 2010

Jordan Serum, Attorney / Vice president / General Manager, Xact Data Discovery worked directly with Bob at Xact Data Discovery


“I had the pleasure of working with Bob for many years. He helped create our e-business department. Bob is one of the few individuals that can bridge the gap between strategy and execution. And his selling skills are top notch. We even gave him a nickname— “Dash” because he represented the “-“ (dash) in e-business. If you’re looking for a spirited creative leader for your organization, Bob’s the right guy for the job.” August 4, 2010

Ray Baird, President, RiechesBaird managed Bob at RiechesBaird


“Bob created the Interactive division of Riechesbaird Advertising building a team and working with account managers to bring in new business. His ability to simplify concepts made it easy for people at the company to accept the new way of doing business. In addition, he came up with a unique approach to help Marketing Managers work with IT Managers in their own companies, both using Riechesbaird as a conduit.

As a coworker, Bob was a pleasure to work with and inspired the team to work hard while taking enjoyment in the good work we did. He can energize, inspire and lead teams through complex projects from beginning to end while utilizing the latest in technology to reach new customers & partners. I’ve only come across a few people in my ten years in this industry who are his equal.” May 13, 2010

Felix Posos, assistant director, e-business, riechesbaird reported to Bob at RiechesBaird