Modus Achievements

The following information provides an executive overview of my recent leadership achievements as Vice President of Marketing for Modus eDiscovery from Aug 2013 to present.

While most are specific to marketing / branding activities, several others are enterprise-wide, cross-functional departmental initiatives I led in unison as an influential member of our 5-person Executive Management team.


As Vice President of Marketing and influential member of Executive Management Team, presently direct all worldwide brand, marketing and customer engagement strategy for Modus eDiscovery out of our corporate headquarters in Washington, DC.

Perform hands-on, leadership role directing all brand strategy, marketing, editorial, content marketing, marketing automation, lead management, lead nurturing, PR, SEO and customer engagement initiatives. In parallel, lead the strategy, development and execution of multiple enterprise-wide initiatives to maximize revenues, reduce costs, streamline processes and increase shareholder value.


Built Brand Strategy – Led all brand research, analysis and strategy development as precursor to repositioning and rebranding company

Built Brand Positioning and Identity – Created new corporate brand position, brand identity and messaging strategy focused on communication and listening

Built Company Website – Architected, designed, wrote, produced and managed new responsive company website

Increased Sales Leads by 1,350% – Increased sales leads by 1,350% generating 4,500+ opportunities in 12 months via savvy mix of content and product marketing

Created Content Marketing / Editorial Machine – Created, launched and managed new content marketing / editorial team to produce 15 webinars9 white papers and 126 blogs in 12 months

Increased Webinar Participation / Leads – Increased webinar registration / attendance from 0 to average 202 registrants / 110 attendees per event

Branded and Launched Two SaaS Software Products – Named, launched and promoted new Digital Co-Pilot Real-Time Process Management System and Modus 4C ECA Solution to market

Created all National Marketing Campaigns – Designed, wrote, produced, distributed and managed all national marketing and advertising campaigns

Created all Regional Marketing Campaigns – Designed, wrote, produced, distributed and managed all regional marketing campaigns for 8 reps to generate market awareness, build relationships and generate leads

Increased Website Traffic – Increased website traffic by 240%, referral traffic by 125% and total page views by 8% in 12 months

Directed SEO Strategy – Launched and managed new SEO strategy increasing Google Page-1 organic rankings from 0 to 47 and Page-2 organic rankings from 0 to 38 in 12 months

Led Social Media Strategy – Launched new social media strategy increasing Twitter followers by 232% and LinkedIn followers by 121% in 18 months

Increased Marketing List Size – Increased sales and marketing email contact database by 644% from 9,000 to 67,000 in 12-month span through organic and list acquisition strategies

Managed Strategic Partnerships – Established and managed all strategic partnerships with multiple associations and strategic partners

Led Competitive / Market Intelligence – Managed all ongoing market, competitor and product competitive intelligence initiatives

Managed all Marketing Testing / Optimization – Managed all email and website split-testing initiatives to optimize conversion rates for all campaigns

Managed Media Relations – Established, managed and optimized all PR, media and industry analyst relationships in parallel with writing all press releases, media releases and outbound news stories

Created all Marketing Collateral – Designed, wrote and produced all marketing collateral, presentations and online tools

Launched Customer Surveys – Created and launched new online marketing research surveys to engage with customers to gather proactive input on content, products and services they want / need

Introduced Live Workshops – Created, launched and managed new Live Workshops programs to teach customers on various topics

Spearheaded Internal Communications – Led all internal company communications in tandem with CEO to maximize awareness and participation

Led Company Mentoring / Training – Introduced, mentored and inspired entire Modus staff on marketing and branding principles


Promoted to Executive Leadership Team – Promoted to 5-person Executive Management team within first 6 months

Led Corporate Business Strategy – Played influential leadership role providing strategic guidance and planning to optimize corporate brand, products, services, operations, client services, HR and financial performance

Built Lead Generation System – Built, integrated and managed new Lead Generation ecosystem to qualify, score and distribute leads to align sales, marketing and business development teams

Built Lead Nurturing System – Built, integrated and managed new Lead Nurturing System to grow engaged prospects into sales ready leads

Built Client Engagement System – Created, launched and managed new Client Engagement Program to gather feedback on sales and operations team performance

Led Integration – Revamped system to integrate with marketing systems and increase sales rep usage

Built Employee Alignment System – Built new 3-part Employee Alignment System to align staff career aspirations with corporate objectives, clarify expectations and measure quantifiable performance

Built Employee Recognition Program – Built new Modus Mojo Employee Recognition Program to create unity and honor staff performance

Led Market Expansion Initiatives – Created and launched New Market Penetration Strategy to assess, focus and penetrate new markets

Built Online Training Modules – Launched new Modus University online training modules to improve sales team knowledge and skills

Built Sales Onboarding System – Created, launched and managed new Sales Onboarding System (SOS) to streamline staff integration with cross-functional departments and optimize performance

Built Human Capital Recruiting System – Built, rolled out and managed new Human Capital Recruiting system to optimize interviews, analysis and hiring of candidates

Built Peer Evaluation System – Created new Peer to Peer Evaluation System to capture, gauge and improve cross-functional peer feedback


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