I build potent brands, marketing strategies, teams and companies that produce quantifiable results by building genuine connections with people at all levels to inspire them to achieve things they thought they never could.  A bold, confident statement supported by 20+ years’ executive leadership experience helping companies and clients grow markets, revenue and profits.

Blessed with powerful mix of visionary, strategic, leadership, creative, sales and communications acumen, consistently exceed ROI goals by aligning staff career aspirations, infusing digital marketing and branding savvy with traditional wisdom and orchestrating fluid team collaboration. Pioneer, expand, restructure and revive organizations with limited time, people and budgets. Influential leader that creates immediate impact, produces quantifiable results and fuels profits.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Business Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Management
  • Customer Engagement
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Product Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • SaaS Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Client Management
  • Process Development
  • Executive Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Writing
  • Team Building
  • Concept Development


  • Repositioned and branded Modus eDiscovery helping increase sales leads by 1,350% generating 4,500+ opportunities in 12 months
  • Repositioned and branded iCONECT eDiscovery to stimulate stagnant brand and increase leads by 380%
  • Led MarketingSherpa marketing research firm to optimize output by 145% and increase profits 98% with 1/3rd staff
  • Led 17-person client services group at MarketingExperiments analytics firm to grow profits 37%
  • Repositioned and branded Xact Data Discovery to grow market share 20% in 1st year
  • Built digital marketing division at RiechesBaird ad agency to generate 24% of company earnings


Modus eDiscovery
VP Marketing / Branding
Aug ’13-Present / VA

As influential member of executive team, direct all global branding, marketing, lead generation, editorial and client engagement strategy for $16M eDiscovery firm. Launched new brand, services, content and lead nurturing strategies resulting in 1,350% increase in leads and 39% gain in EBITA.

  • Created new brand strategy, positioning and identity helping increase revenue by 165%
  • Architected, designed and wrote new website resulting in 240% increase in site traffic
  • Increased qualified sales leads by 1,350% via savvy content and digital marketing
  • Built new lead management / nurturing system to manage 5,500+ sales leads in 12 months
  • Built and managed editorial team to produce 200+ engaging webinars, papers and blogs
  • Designed, wrote and produced all marketing collateral, event, PR and website content
  • Launched new Digital Co-Pilot SaaS product line resulting in 645% increase in demos
  • Built Client Engagement, Employee Alignment, Sales Onboarding and Training systems

iCONECT Development
VP  Marketing / Branding
Jun‘12-Present / VA

Directed all global branding, marketing, content and digital communication strategy for $20M eDiscovery software company. Repositioned brand, led digital marketing strategy, managed team and built new branded website helping increase sales leads by 380%.

  • Repositioned and rebranded company helping contribute to 27% increase in revenue
  • Architected, designed and wrote company website resulting in 274% increase in traffic
  • Produced and managed all campaigns, editorial, videos, SEO, PR, webinars and partners
  • Optimized email marketing to improve conversion rates by 180% and build list by 205%

Brand Piano
VP Brand Marketing
Jun ‘05-Present / VA

Launched new brand strategy and marketing firm to help clients create new brands and fine-tune existing ones.  Provided advanced brand, marketing, website and digital content services helping multiple B2B and B2C clients optimize lead generation, profits and market share.

  • Wrote strategic marketing plan for Leadership IQ to launch new brand and website
  • Built new training website for Xact Data Discovery to provide online training for sales reps
  • Managed all ecommerce business operations for creating 28% margins
  • Generated 950 sales leads launching new Mitsubishi truck line at NCAA football games

MarketingSherpa (MECLABS)
Nov ’08-Jul ’10
Providence, Rhode Island

Promoted to President via sister company, Marketing Experiments (MECLABS), restructured 30-person global marketing, market research, publishing, training and events company to generate $3.3M in sales and 98% gain in profits with 1/3rd original staff.

  • Reduced operating expenses 55%, in parallel with paying down legacy debt 72%
  • Increased staff productivity 240% by aligning product mix with remaining staff talent
  • Directed all research, editorial, marketing, event, product and membership teams
  • Produced 15 research reports, 7 how-to guides, 85 white papers and 2,900 blog articles
  • Increased event ticket / sponsorship revenue 84% and membership sales by 27%
  • Produced 5 major events generating $1.7M sales while launching 16 new workshops

MarketingExperiments (MECLABS)
Director of Client Services
Nov ’07-Nov’08
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Built, trained and directed new 17-person global marketing research, analytics, testing and digital publishing division to produce $3.2M revenue and 37% increase in profits while managing 15+ clients providing digital media strategy to maximize online conversion rates.

  • Increased staff productivity 125% by realigning analyst and client management teams
  • Improved client conversion rates 525% via rigorous marketing testing / optimization
  • Sold 2 Fortune 500 clients monthly via strict lead generation and sales pipeline
  • Led optimization strategy for 15 clients including The New York Times and Microsoft

Xact Data Discovery
Vice President of Marketing
Jan ’07-Nov ’07
Mission, Kansas

As member of executive team, led all brand, marketing and communications strategy to convert 300-person paper duplication company to eDiscovery firm. Repositioned and marketed new brand resulting in 20% increase in market share and 250% increase in leads in 9 months.

  • Designed and wrote website to improve lead capture 224% and conversions 160%
  • Designed, wrote and produced all marketing collateral and editorial content
  • Increased marketing list size 874% by producing compelling email campaigns

RiechesBaird Ad Agency
Director of e-Business
Sep ’99-Jun ’05

Pioneered and managed new 8-person digital marketing division within 45-person branding and advertising agency. Sold and managed website design and digital media services generating $1M annual sales while managing online marketing strategies for 15+ clients.

  • Sold 200+ websites / web-based software projects generating 24% of company revenue
  • Architected all website blueprints in conjunction with development and design teams
  • Led all website and online media strategy for 15+ clients simultaneously
  • Produced websites for multiple Fortune 500 clients including Toyota, Jacuzzi and Bosch
  • Managed 8-person programming, design, project management and content writing team
Director of Marketing
Oct ’96-Sept ’99
Irvine, California

Managed 23-person marketing, advertising sales, web development and public relations teams selling computer hardware/software via e-commerce site. Managed $12M advertising budget as liaison with advertising agency to position, create and promote new brand for IPO.

  • Orchestrated 3-month, 30-agency review process to evaluate and hire Darcy ad agency
  • Managed all ad agency strategy, creative, teams and media as internal team lead
  • Managed $5M marketing funds for 200 reseller partner rewards program

Regional Marketing Manager
Apr ’91-Sep ’96
Denver, Colorado

Promoted from top-ranked sales rep to regional advertising / marketing manager, managed and marketed $21M budget in conjunction with ad agency to promote 8 Pennzoil brands for 10 sales managers in 17 states helping generate a 32% increase in sales.

  • Conducted multiple racing promotions for managers and clients in 17 states
  • Integrated national campaigns within region managing client-site relationship with ad agency
  • Grew sales 15% annually over 3 years selling oil products to 150 car dealers and key accounts


Granted a Bachelor of Arts in marketing with a minor in advertising by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, May 1988


Leadership, brand strategy, business strategy, marketing strategy, business management, client management, product management, project management, change management, business development, brand development, digital content marketing, communication strategy, B2B marketing, social media, digital publishing, digital media marketing, software marketing, technology marketing, team building, process engineering, communications, marketing communication, leadership strategy, client services, CRM, sales


Leader, engaging, persuasive, charismatic, attentive, caring, open, flexible, decisive, intriguing, animated, genuine, comfortable, stylish, energetic, empathetic, passionate, artistic, creative, strategic, real, natural, honest, straight-forward, likable, humorous, innovative, convincing