Brand Attributes

Regardless of market, customer, culture or role, I bring the following set of brand attributes, transferable skills and personality / identity to the table to help companies and clients succeed.  These elements define the essence of who Bob Lorum is and what makes me unique.

My Personal Brand Attributes

  • I lead people, projects and companies with an open hands-on style, applying an optimal blend of in-the-trenches work, managerial direction, collaborative strategy and visionary wisdom
  • I inspire people to achieve beyond expectations by listening, challenging and aligning their personal aspirations with company initiatives to maximize capacities, efficiencies and output
  • I focus all efforts on generating quantifiable results by creating, measuring, analyzing, evolving and aligning all marketing, sales, product and communication initiatives
  • I orchestrate pristine communication between cross-functional teams by implementing clear, consistent, collaborative and genuine dialogs to make things happen at all levels
  • I blend traditional business wisdom with new-age digital savvy to create sales, marketing and management programs that resonate with target audiences and produce results
  • I make my superiors’ lives easier by instilling immediate confidence by learning quickly, transferring applicable skills, applying calculated actions and requiring minimal supervision
  • I balance executive visionary thinking with strategic execution to make things happen
  • I listen intently to comprehend the intricacies between literal and implied communications
  • I build genuine relationships with people by communicating in an open style that instills trust
  • I inspire people by aligning and challenging individual career aspirations with corporate goals
  • I create clarity and consensus through pristine written, verbal and non-verbal communications
  • I make decisions based upon a fine blend of data, intuition, experience and instinct
  • I balance creative thinking with quantifiable metrics to generate solutions that generate impact
  • I analyze and interpret data efficiently and accurately to make better informed decisions
  • I present ideas and solutions in a persuasive, compelling and open style that initiates action
  • I blend digital technologies with traditional wisdom to create solutions that maximize results
  • I balance delegation with hands-on participation to build powerful teams and expedite results
  • I solve problems by anticipating versus reacting whenever possible
  • I create immediate impact by learning, applying and adapting quickly to evolve with change
  • I create compelling marketing campaigns that connect with audiences emotionally and rationally
  • I generate results by producing quality products and services that people can’t live without

My Transferable Skills

Leadership, brand strategy, business strategy, marketing strategy, business management, client management, product management, project management, change management, business development, brand development, digital content marketing, communication strategy, B2B marketing, social media, digital publishing, digital media marketing, software marketing, technology marketing, team building, process engineering, communications, marketing communication, leadership strategy, client services, CRM, sales

My Personal Brand Identity

Leader, engaging, persuasive, charismatic, attentive, caring, open, flexible, decisive, intriguing, animated, genuine, comfortable, stylish, energetic, empathetic, passionate, artistic, creative, strategic, real, natural, honest, straight-forward, likable, humorous, innovative, convincing